Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Time Ever

Erica Zane has just released a HUGE baby kit called The First Time Ever.... perfect timing for me, right? This kit is totally loaded with stuff and it's perfect for girls or boys, new babies or milestones. Pretty much whatever. Here's the page I did with it:

Waiting for Baby

Oh man... I'm having so much fun with the girly pages. :) I love this kit so much, though... I need to use it for my boys, too.

I also scrapped a page of one of the "adventures" the boys and I have been on in our new area.

{Credits: Backyard Buddies by Sarah Bennett, D.B. Wannabes V.1 by Erica Zane (template), Alpha from Sail Away by Erica Zane}

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Car Seat Cover

This has been on my list of crafting things to do lately, but I had to wait until I got a car seat to do it. We finally got the car seat on Thursday, so I immediately went to the craft store to pick out fabric so that I could work on this today.

03 26 001web

It turned out better than I expected, considering my not-so-fabulous sewing skills. I used this tutorial as my inspiration.

03 26 002web

I didn't want to deal with sewing straps and velcro and all that, so I just attached ribbon instead. Not only was it super easy, but it results in these cute bows when you tie it on. And let's face it... we're all about the "girliness" with this baby, right?

03 26 003web

Funny how having new baby things in the house is starting to make it all feel a little more real!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ready for spring?

It's officially spring! I'm starting to see a lot of brightly colored spring-ish kits out there in honor of the new season. Erica Zane has an adorable new kit out that's perfect for Easter, or just spring in general. Look at all this cuteness:

Don't you just adore that cute little bunny??

Anyway, here's what I made with it this week:

Easter basket

Saturday, March 19, 2011


03 19 003web

As I mentioned, I am expecting a girl in a few months and I'm so excited to do some "girly" crafts! I made my first attempt at hair bows this afternoon. I made a little "bow tool" like the one found HERE and it worked like a charm.

03 19 004web

I wanted to keep them simple and I think they turned out cute.

03 19 006web

I wanted itty-bitty newborn bows (the kind you stick on with a drop of honey), so I didn't bother with clips.

03 19 007web

I should have put something in the picture for size reference, but these would probably fit on a quarter. Teeny!

This last one is a bit bigger and I might end up putting it on a clip. We'll see.

03 19 005web

I'm sure there will be plenty more bows to come! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I just got *almost* all the way done with a layout and photoshop froze up on me! Hate it when that happens. So, I'm saving that layout for another day and I figured I'd come here and show you what I've been up to lately instead (besides thank you cards, that is) .

{Just click a layout to see it's credits, including links to the products I used.}

My little valentines:
My Valentines

Mr. Messy (this kit has so many FUN kitchen elements that I didn't incorporate. You really should go check it out... this kit is seriously awesome!)
Mr Messy

So lucky:
So Lucky

Little Mister:
Little Mister

Now that I'm pregnant with a little girl, I'm super excited to be able to do girly layouts! This ladybug mini kit from Erica Zane is sooooo adorable!
Lady Bug

Yay for flowery layouts! :)
26 weeks

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank you cards!

We just moved and I had tons of help from awesome friends and family, so I felt like making some cute little cards to let them know how appreciated they are. I wanted to keep them simple... nothing fancy, but I thought they turned out cute.

03 15 005web

03 15 004web

03 15 003web

03 15 002web